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Thank you for visiting Queen of Peace website. We are a Catholic Community of Faith located in the Diocese of Brownsville, TX in the Rio Grande Valley. Our parish was founded by the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts (in the person of Father Francis Regis Kwiatkowski, SS.CC.) in 1967.


From its founding and until today the parish has been staffed by members of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. It is considered the “Mother Church” of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts in the Rio Grande Valley. The mission of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary (a world-wide Congregation of priests, brothers and sisters) is to Contemplate, Live and Proclaim the unconditional love of God as found in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.


We serve a growing Catholic Community in the north eastern section of the city of Harlingen. The Rio Grande Valley is experiencing a rapid growth in population (1 million Catholics - half of which is under the age of 25). We are young, we are middle age, and we are seniors. We speak English and Spanish, but mostly the language of love. We are family: brothers and sisters serving one another and those around us in a variety of ministries and services to the poor and marginalized. I invite you to browse our website and learn about our life, work and ministry.


The Catholic Church provides the compassion of Christ in countless ways. 
To discover how you can become involved with your Parish Community.


Please call or email the office during the office hours. 

Phone:  (956) 423-6341

Email:  qp_secretary@rgv.rr.com



Fr. Robert Charlton, SS.CC.

Fr. Robert Charlton, SS.CC.


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Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary (SS.CC.)

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