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The Queen of Peace Music Ministry

welcomes all dedicated

and passionate musicians

to join in our ministry and praise God through music.


St. Augustine said, "He who sings

prays twice".

You might have been called

to share your talents

through this ministry. Find out.


Call 956.423.6341 ext. 108,

or approach any member

after any Mass on weekends.

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Wednesdays         6.15pm          Psalmist for 11am Mass

                                7.00pm         11am Spanish Group

Thursdays             5.00pm          7.30 Spanish Group

                                6.15pm          Psalmists for English Masses

                                7.00pm          4pm & 9am English Groups

Saturdays             11.00am;        Instrumentalist/s

                                2.00pm          Instrumentalist/s

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